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Success Story

The online eyewear retailer worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Kenshoo Social to better manage and measure all of its social advertising efforts, resulting in a 30% increase in sales.


increase in sales


increase in traffic


increase in conversions

Their Story

Seeing clearly with social

Kenshoo’s suite of digital marketing products helps companies around the world grow their sales and build their brands. Online eyewear retailer SmartBuyGlasses, for one, uses the platform to help it interact with customers and better understand their needs.

Their Goal

Expanding eyewear sales

As an online-only retailer, SmartBuyGlasses continuously aims to grow its revenue. With this month-long campaign, it wanted to increase sales by at least 30%.

The most exciting impact on the business is that Facebook makes potential engagements visible and valuable to future sales. By evaluating the micro-clicks and views, promotional ads are armed with more metrics that allow us to adapt quickly to people’s impression of our brand so that we ensure our marketing manner and eventually bring more sales to our business.

-Chengye Wang, Display Manager, SmartBuyGlasses

Facebook has reinforced SmartBuyGlasses with strong social interactions between customers and the brand. In the future, new audiences who have never heard of SmartBuyGlasses will be reached by using Facebook audience targeting. This not only enhances the traffic to SmartBuyGlasses websites, but enables SmartBuyGlasses to be a key player in the e-commerce eyewear industry.

-Augustin du Mesnildot, Global Marketing Manager, SmartBuyGlasses

Their Solution

Make, manage, measure


SmartBuyGlasses first implemented Facebook Marketing Partner Kenshoo’s social platform to help it create and manage its ad campaigns. Kenshoo Social, which is completely compatible with Facebook’s Business Manager, helps businesses deploy and measure ad campaigns. It also offers insight into sales performance, which SmartBuyGlasses used to determine the success of its campaign.

The campaign used a variety of ad formats, based on the type of audience the brand wanted to target. For instance, SmartBuyGlasses used the Facebook pixel to reach its most engaged audience, including previous buyers and cart abandoners. It retargeted this audience with dynamic ads to remind them of an offer on the website.

With Kenshoo Social, the brand was able to act on the insights it had gleaned from past campaigns. For instance, SmartBuyGlasses decided to segment each of its ad placements after learning that product ads tend to be successful on desktop News Feeds, not mobile. On mobile, however, it found special offer images that featured people wearing its products were more effective.

Finally, with full visibility into not only its own campaigns but the full suite of Facebook ad products, SmartBuyGlasses used Kenshoo Social to deploy the most effective ad formats, including carousel and video ads.

Their Success

Seeing success

With the help of Kenshoo Social, SmartBuyGlasses can manage and measure its various campaigns and apply those learnings to grow the business. Its campaign, which ran throughout April 2016, achieved:


  • 30% increase in sales
  • 2X increase in traffic
  • 35% increase in conversions (YoY, for the past 6 months)