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The restaurant chain applied the store visits objective to its dynamic local ads campaign, ensuring its ads were delivered to people most likely to visit one of its restaurants, and achieved a 6X return on ad spend with Facebook Marketing Partner Polygraph Media.


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Their Story

A taste of Italy

The first Maggiano’s Little Italy opened on the corner of Clark Street and Grand Avenue in Chicago in 1991. The restaurant, which serves family-style Italian-American cuisine, has since expanded to more than 50 locations across the country.

Their Goal

Boosting in-store servings

Maggiano’s Little Italy wanted to reach potential new customers and encourage them to visit the restaurant. With this campaign, the chain also wanted to test the efficacy of the store visits objective in increasing foot traffic at all the brand’s locations.

The new store visits objective from Facebook gives me the opportunity to dynamically find new customers near my restaurants and track how many of them ultimately visit after seeing our ad. Measuring attribution without tying visits to a coupon is a valuable tool for any retail business to have.

-Mary Machul, Director of Marketing, Maggiano’s Little Italy

Their Solution

Feeding hungry diners


Maggiano’s Little Italy partnered with Polygraph Media, an ad techcompany and Facebook Marketing Partner, to run dynamic local ads for its multiple restaurant locations. These ads typically feature the same creative across each location, but are dynamically filled with unique information, such as directions to, or a contact number for, a viewer’s nearest location.

The Maggiano’s team selected the store visits objective, ensuring the ads were not only targeted to the people closest to that specific location, but also delivered to the people most likely to visit a Maggiano’s location.

The ads were dynamically targeted to men and women living near a Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant. The targeting radius also shifted dynamically to enable Facebook to deliver the ads to people most likely to visit the restaurant. The ads all had the same headline, but automatically displayed different restaurant addresses for each specific audience. The “Get Directions” call-to-action button was also the same across each restaurant-specific ad, but when clicked, revealed directions to the nearest Maggiano’s location.

The brand also partnered with Facebook Creative Shop to develop and A/B test different creative elements for its ads: a carousel featuring images of food, a carousel featuring the dining experience and a short video that showcased people’s dining experience.

Their Success

Buon appetito!

Maggiano’s Little Italy found great success with the store visits objective, which boosted traffic at its restaurants across the country. The 2-week campaign, which ran May 15–31, 2017, also achieved:

  • 6X return on ad spend
  • 20,943 store visits