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Don Julio



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Success Story

The luxury tequila brand saw a 24-point surge in ad recall during its 2-part Facebook photo and video ad campaign sharing the story of its history of innovation in the spirits industry.


increase in ad recall


increase in brand awareness


increase in brand preference

Their Story

Passion, craft, integrity

For more than 70 years, Don Julio founder Don Julio González’s passion for tequila pushed him to improve every aspect of the spirit—from the harvesting to the bottling—all to craft the world’s first luxury tequila.

Their Goal

Boosting awareness

Luxury tequila maker Don Julio wanted to drive mass awareness of its brand and legendary founder Don Julio González, as well as increase purchase intent, with a targeted campaign across the US.

Facebook plays an important role in Tequila Don Julio’s marketing mix. With an amazing ability to target at scale on the platform, we can quickly reach the right consumers with our unique story and incredible range of tequilas. The results of this campaign demonstrate how powerful Facebook can be for us to communicate our message.

-Alex Picciano, Senior Brand Manager, Tequila Don Julio – Diageo

Their Solution

Creating a shared passion

12601314_261038237565819_1424439508_nTo boost awareness of its premium tequila, Don Julio executed a sequential photo and video ad marketing campaign. Don Julio served a series of ads to its key target audience that reflected both their taste for authentic brand stories and their personal interests. 

Partnering with media agency Carat, creative agency Vayner, and Facebook Marketing Partner SocialCode, Don Julio built a highly targeted campaign using creative that appealed to the massive US market. The 2-part campaign first increased brand awareness and then, targeting the same audience as in stage 1, focused on highlighting the brand’s rich heritage. 

Stage 1 used vivid photo ads to show how Don Julio reflects and fits into its audiences’ intrepid social lives: for example, by offering the opportunity to catch up with the brand on its Airstream Speakeasy’s cross-country tour or to try new Don Julio drinks created by trendy local mixologists. 

The second stage of the campaign used video ads to showcase Don Julio González’s passion for his craft, including how his unique agave planting techniques created a smooth flavor, and how his switch to shorter bottles transformed the social experience of enjoying premium tequila.

Their Success

Premium results


12057259_1104743369578029_273749040_nBy widely sharing the story of its legendary founder’s industry innovations on Facebook, Don Julio inspired incredible audience engagement over the course of the 2-month campaign. Results from the fall 2015 campaign included:
  • 24-point increase in ad recall (stage 1)
  • 23-point increase in ad recall (stage 2)
  • 7-point increase in brand awareness (stage 1)
  • 10-point increase in brand awareness (stage 2)