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Success Story

The prestigious music school joined forces with
Facebook Marketing Partner Marketo to reach potential students and increase enrollments for its programs, resulting in a 12X higher conversion rate.


increase in click-through rate for the undergraduate campaign


increase in paid registrations for summer programs


higher conversion rate for the graduate program

Their Story

Marketing mavens

Marketo is a leading provider of marketing software and solutions to help companies improve lead management and digital ad campaigns. Its client list includes Berklee College of Music, the world’s largest and foremost independent college of contemporary music.

Their Goal

Reaching qualified leads

Berklee College of Music wanted to use Marketo’s tools to optimize the its digital ad campaigns, increase qualified applications for its undergraduate and graduate programs and boost registrations for its summer programs.

The powerful combination of Marketo’s Ad Bridge with Facebook’s match and lookalike campaigns enables us to deliver targeted, highly relevant ads to our prospective students, with messaging tailored to where they are in our enrollment process. We can also integrate our email and social campaigns, so students receive coordinated communications across platforms. The result has been improved engagement, conversions, and return on investment.

-Matthew Barnett, Associate Dean of Admissions Marketing and Recruiting, Berklee College of Music

Their Solution

Advanced targeting

Berklee College of Music had distinct goals for its undergraduate, graduate and summer programs. It also recently increased the portion of its budget allocated to social media, so it used Facebook Marketing Partner Marketo’s Ad Bridge product to target the Facebook audiences most likely to complete an application. Ad Bridge helps companies not only reach the right audience with its ads, but personalize those ads to each audience.


Reaching potential undergrads

Berklee used Marketo’s Ad Bridge to target ads to people who started to apply to a Berklee College of Music undergraduate program, but had not finished the application process. These “match” campaigns ran during typically high-conversion periods, including Thanksgiving break, winter break and the 2 weeks prior to the school’s January 15 application deadline.

Finding qualified graduates

To help promote its graduate program in Music Therapy, Berklee acquired a list of licensed music therapists and then used Marketo’s Ad Bridge to build a match campaign targeting this list, as well as a lookalike audience based on the acquired list.


Attracting summer students

To increase registrations for its summer programs, Berkelee used Marketo to develop a match campaign targeting both people with incomplete registrations, potential students based on acquired lists, and a lookalike audience based on the previous year’s registrants.

Their Success

Qualifying music students

 violinMarketo’s Ad Bridge product allowed Berklee College of Music to reach its most qualified potential students. In addition to more accurate targeting, the campaigns achieved:

  • 40% increase in click-through rate for undergraduate campaign
  • 12X higher conversion rate for the Music Therapy graduate program
  • 40% increase in applications for the Music Therapy graduate program
  • 2.2X higher engagement rate for summer program campaign
  • 10% increase in paid registrations for summer programs (2016 year-to-date, compared to 2015